Whither Pelosi?

The House Democrats’ selection of Steny Hoyer over Jack Murtha was a stinging defeat for Nancy Pelosi in her first week as Speaker-elect. Blog of the Week Gay Patriot asks an excellent question: “With Murtha’s Defeat, Will Pelosi Continue Catfight with Harman?”
To our amazement, Pelosi has pushed for replacing Californian Jane Harman with disgraced bribe-taker Alcee Hastings as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. This is frankly hard to comprehend. Hastings was impeached and removed from office as a corrupt federal judge; then, inexplicably, he won election to Congress. For Pelosi to endorse both the corrupt Hastings and the corrupt Murtha in her first actions as Speaker-elect is an astonishing gift to Republicans.
So Gay Patriot’s question is a good one. Apparently Pelosi’s reasons for detesting Harman are entirely personal; hence the “catfight.” My own guess is that Pelosi will retreat after her Murtha defeat and back off her endorsement of the indisputably crooked Hastings. Either way, though, it is an inauspicious debut for Pelosi, who so far is looking like a lightweight.


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