It’s Boehner

The House Republicans have selected Rep. Boehner to lead them. He defeated the more solidly conservative Rep. Pence resoundingly — by a vote of 168-27. I don’t know whether this was the right choice, but it seems like a reasonable one. Unlike the Senate, the House is not closely divided between the two parties, and there is no filibuster, meaning that legislation can move to passage with a simple majority.
There’s nothing sadder in Washington than an impotent political group, and the House Republicans face the prospect of being marginalized and ignored even by the White House. Under these circumstances, I can understand why House Repubs would prefer to be led by the more savvy, if less pure, of its leadership candidates. (See David Frum for more on this point). They must have believed that Boehner was that option, and I’m in no position to say they were wrong.
UPDATE: The minority whip will be Rep. Blunt, who defeated Rep. Shadegg by a vote of 137-57. Unlike with the Dems, the thinking behind the selection of number one and number two are in harmony.


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