Mark Steyn alone

I’m just back from three days at the Federalist Society’s lawyers convention in Washington on the theme of limited government. The conference led off with a panel including Bill Kristol, who several times invoked and recommended Mark Steyn’s new book America Alone. I recently noted Professor Jeremy Rabkin’s review of the book in the Weekly Standard.
Among other reviews that are of special interest, worth reading in themselves, are those by Daniel Pipes (originally published in the New York Sun), Victor Davis Hanson (in the New Criterion, which also added this note), and Jonathan Last (in today’s Philadelphi Inquirer).
Last week at Right Wing News John Hawkins posted a good interview with Steyn about the book. Steyn has kind words about Power Line, in connection with which he also renders unerring judgment on the Minneapolis Star Tribune. I was most struck by Steyn’s comment on the success of his book:

I’ve actually been rather touched by the success of it. I don’t quite know why, but I do think that it has got a message, that it does speak to people. Just this morning our little online book store took an order from a guy in Alabama who ordered 54 copies and is clearly planning on giving them to all his friends. I’m very touched by that.

Thanks to the American Spectator’s online review of the book, from which I’ve borrowed the heading.


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