Where the Conversation Never Ends

If you haven’t already done so, check out the new Power Line Forum, where conversations on the issues of the day are going on 24/7. Currently, a debate is raging on John McCain’s status as a possible Presidential candidate; so far, there are 118 posts on that topic. There’s discussion of Rudy Giuliani, too. Others are wondering where the moderate Muslims have gone, or arguing about Wal-Mart. Just this afternoon, a number of new topics have started, like this one, and some topics are still going strong after days, like Your People, Sir, Is A Great Beast, with 26 pages of posts–378 posts so far–and more than 13,300 views so far. And people are commenting on our Power Line posts here.
There is something in the Forum for everyone. Warning, though: it’s addictive. Go here to register, and then join in whatever conversation looks interesting.


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