A Neck-and-Neck Race!

Last night, we posed the question, What Is America’s Worst Newspaper?, and invited our readers to vote. So far, with nearly 2,000 votes cast, the leaders are the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (with 21%), and, in a surprisingly strong showing, the Palm Beach Post (with 19%). Other strong contenders include the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the Los Angeles Times; altogether, 15 papers have been nominated.
Go to Power Line News to cast your vote, or check on the latest standings.
PAUL adds: It may not be the worst paper on the list, but I’m voting for the Washington Post out of hometown loyalty. Besides, what other paper can say it swung the Senate to the Democrats? Its attacks on George Allen were so relentlessly unfair that even the Post’s ombudsman criticized its coverage.
UPDATE: I should add, if you want to comment on our poll, go here. Or, for a brand-new section of the Power Line Forum on media bias, go here.


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