An “indecent” book by our worst ex-President

Alan Dershowitz at the Huffington Post is troubled that a “decent man has written. . .an indecent book about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” The “decent man” is Jimmy Carter.
Dershowitz presents plenty of evidence that Carter’s book is “indecent” — full of bias, misrepresentation, and distortion. Dershowitz presents no evidence that Carter has a record of decency in his political behavior or commentary over the past few decades.
It’s difficult to believe that Dershowitz actually thinks Carter’s book is an aberration or that Carter will consider Dershowitz’s call to “correct the record” while on his book tour. One suspects that Dershowitz is simply taking “the high road” out of respect for Carter’s status as an ex-president and the memory of the Carter for whom he campaigned 30 years ago. If so, it’s respect to which Carter, by virtue of his indecent behavior and pronouncements, long ago forfeited any legitimate claim.
Via Real Clear Politics.


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