Last Chance to Vote!

Readers from around the country have weighed in on our What is the worst newspaper in America? poll. So far, more than 7,400 votes have been cast. In what could be a huge upset, the Palm Beach Post has surged into the lead with 25% of the total votes cast. The Seattle Post Intelligencer is holding on in second place, with 21%. Our Washington readers are really weighing in strongly, because the relatively little-known Olympian (of Olympia, Washington) is now in third place with 14% of the vote. The Minneapolis Star Tribune and the Los Angeles Times continue to contend; the others are pretty much also-rans, but hey: it never hurts to stick up for your home-town paper!
If you haven’t voted, or if you’ve voted once or twice but it’s been a while, go to the Power Line News site to cast your ballot. We’ll probably close the poll and declare a winner tomorrow.
UPDATE: We’re checking into the possibility of voter fraud in Palm Beach. Some competing papers have alleged that hanging chads may have been counted for the Post.


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