Fraud! Scandal! Hanging Chads!

It has come to our attention that some of the newspapers entered in our “Worst Newspaper in America” contest have been cheating! Someone in Reston, Virginia wrote a script to cast lots of votes in favor of the Palm Beach Post. Meanwhile, someone in Gig Harbor, Washington has been casting a bunch of votes for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
We will try to sort this out and make sure we are anointing (so to speak) the right paper. Meanwhile, though, I have to wonder: who would do this? Disgruntled former employees? Or maybe a current employee of a rival paper; e.g., the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s Washington correspondent trying to put the Palm Beach Post over the top (but why the Post?)
It’s a mystery. Stay tuned. We’ll try to sort out the correct vote totals by tomorrow.


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