A bad place to be Jewish

It was bad enough that fans of the Israeli soccer team Hapoel Tel Aviv had the nerve to travel to Paris to support their club in its match with Paris St. Germain. The notoriously racist and borderline fascist PSG supporters taunted the Israeli fans throughout the contest with what the Jerusalem Post delicately described as “chants which were in no way connected to football.”
But when the chronically underachieving PSG side lost 4-2 to the Tel Aviv club, that was too much to take. Reports of what happened vary somewhat, but it appears that an enraged mob attacked a French Jewish Hapoel Tel Aviv fan near a McDonald’s just outside the stadium. To his credit, a French plainclothes officer moved in to protect the target of the hooligans, but was pushed back. He then fired two shots, killing one PSG fan and wounding another.
Between old-fashioned French anti-semites and the Arab kind, Paris and environs can be a very dangerous place for Jews these days. And for the French police.


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