Important News and Forum Update

Just before the election, we unveiled a brand-new, revamped Power Line News site and an accompanying Power Line Forum, where readers can comment on the issues of the day. Both have proved extremely popular. In fact, the Forum itself, because of its interactive nature, put such a heavy burden on the server where all three sites were housed that at times over the last two weeks, getting through to this site, as well as the News and Forum sites, was slowed down.
No problem: We moved the News and Forum sites to a dedicated server, where they should have plenty of capacity, and traffic there won’t affect this site. That task was accomplished by our hosting service last night. One hitch, though: what they actually did was to duplicate the sites on the new server. They set up a “redirect” on the main News URL to send people to the new server, but users who follow bookmarks to the Forum are still going to the “old” Forum (that should change later this morning, I hope). So, for the moment, there are actually two Forum sites operating.
None of this is a big deal, and everyone (including those who just read Power Line) will benefit from the migration. After a week or so, we will wipe the old sites off the “old” server, where Power Line still resides.
Here’s the point: This is the correct URL for Power Line News.
This is the correct URL for the Power Line Forum.
Please adjust your bookmarks accordingly! Thanks.
By the way, we also are making some improvements to the Forum based on experience to date. These should be implemented on Monday.
UPDATE: One more thing: At the time when the new site was created, the database on the old server was duplicated, so that everyone who had registered for the Forum at that time continues to be registered at the new site and won’t have a problem. However: around 50 people registered for the Forum during the hours immediately after the transition was made. Since the old Forum was still operating, they are registered only on the old Forum and will have to re-register the first time they want to post on the new Forum site. Sorry about that!


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