More Politics, All the Time

We drove to the Mall of America a little before lunch time today, and I turned on the radio, as I often do, to the Patriot. The program came on and my ten-year-old daughter, startled, said: “Dad, that sounds like you!” It was me, of course; we took the Thanksgiving weekend off, and the station replayed last week’s show. Not a bad idea, as it was a good one; and it was fun to listen to St. Paul Ward and me as we drove down the highway.
In our second hour last Saturday, we continued talking about the election results. Don’t worry, though; the conversation isn’t dated. We started by discussing the House and Senate rules and how much the Democrats will actually be able to do without Republican cooperation. We reviewed the history of Senate responses to judicial nominations, in the light of Chuck Schumer’s assurance that he will not permit any more conservatives to be appointed to the federal appellate courts.
We talked about two of our newly-elected Minnesota representatives, Michele Bachmann and Keith Ellison, and contrasted their respective reactions to a Presidential invitation. We had fun at the expense of John Edwards and his Wal-Mart snafu–we pundits can only hope that Edwards stays alive on the national scene–and finished out the hour by awarding our coveted Gatekeeper of the Week award to a newspaper that not only committed plagiarism, but plagiarized an unusually dumb source. And, who knows? There may soon be a sequel to that story.
So, it was a fun hour, and the fun hasn’t dimmed in the ensuing week. You can download or just listen to the podcast here. Or, as always, you can subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes by going here.


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