Can We Please See More of Charlie Rangel?

One of the problems of being part of the minority for twelve years is that not many people pay attention to you. Then, when the spotlight finally seeks you out, you may be ill-prepared to act like part of the mainstream. Thus, Charlie Rangel, seemingly (and inexplicably) unaware of the brouhaha over John Kerry’s insulting of the troops, repeated the insult today on Fox News Sunday. You really have to see this to believe it:

Better yet, Rangel promises hearings that will prove that American soldiers are dumb, ill-educated and otherwise unemployable! I can’t wait.
Rangel is a fool, but it’s possible to get away with foolishness. It’s foolishness plus arrogance that is a deadly combination.
To discuss Rangel’s comments, go here. If you have a web site and would like to reproduce the video, just click the “Get Code” button on the video player.


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