Rogan update

As I noted two weeks ago, President Bush has nominated former Rep. James Rogan to be a United States district judge. Ordinarily, district court nominees sail through the Senate, but Rogan was a House “manager” during the impeachment of Bill Clinton, and thus must overcome the wrath of Hillary “Stand by Her Man” Clinton.
The Washington Post reports that outgoing Senate Judiciary Chairman Specter is “not optimistic” about Rogan’s prospects. Specter is pessimistic even though Rogan has been endorsed by two of Clinton’s lawyers during the impeachment battle — Lanny Davis and Lanny Breuer. Breuer thinks Rogan was “dead wrong” on impeachment, but has gotten to know the former Congressman since then and considers him “a good guy, a good public servant, and a fair and decent man.” Davis concurs. He describes Rogan as a man of “unquestionable integrity.”
But unfortunately it is Hillary Clinton (the woman scorned, though not by Rogan) who holds a Senate seat, not Davis or Breuer. To her, Rogan’s decency and integrity are likely to count for nothing.


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