We noted in one of our earlier posts on Dartmouth’s Indian controversy that the college’s Athletic Director had embarrassed the institution and its students and alumni by apologizing for inviting the University of North Dakota’s Fighting Sioux hockey team to play on the Dartmouth campus. This was one of those actions that are so lame, it is hard to imagine them happening anywhere other than an academic institution. In addition, it manifested an ignorance of the State of North Dakota that I, as a native of South Dakota, found doubly embarrassing.
The inevitable riposte has come, in the form of a letter from Charles Kupchella, President of the University of North Dakota, to Dartmouth’s President, James Wright. Kupchella is an able spokesman for UND; he was once a guest on our radio show. Kupchella’s skewering of Dartmouth’s misguided AD is definitive. Click to enlarge:

Via Dartblog.


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