Mark Steyn on America, Europe and Islam

Today we interviewed Mark Steyn on our radio show. We talked about his background in radio and journalism and about the role that Minnesota has somewhat weirdly come to play in the global jihad. Mostly though, we talked about Mark’s new book, America Alone, which you can–and should–buy here. That is to say, we talked about demography; about the aggressive, world-wide expansion of Islam; about the loss of cultural confidence in much of the developed world; and the ways in which America–excluding Vermont, of course–continues to chart a different and more optimistic course.
This was one of our best interviews ever, maybe the best, no thanks to Chad and me. Mark is both informative and funny; if you have never heard him expound his views at length, you are in for a treat. Mark Steyn is not just the world’s most provocative intellectual; he’s the most fun.
You can download or just listen to the podcast here. Or, as always, you can subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes by going here.
Just for fun, here is a brief excerpt in which Mark talks about the profession of journalism:

How is America different from Europe? Here is just one example:

The interview really is a treat; don’t miss it!
UPDATE: Oops, I put it in the wrong folder. It should work now.


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