Down here on the ground

Holding itself out as a civil rights group, CAIR has displayed a certain chutzpah from its inception. Given its roots in the Islamic Association of Palestine and the IAP’s support for Hamas, CAIR isn’t exactly the first organization that springs to mind when one seeks advice on the membership of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council. Yet, as Josh Gerstein reports, CAIR has now seen fit to demand the ouster of Dennis Prager from the council in light of Prager’s obtuse comments on Keith Ellison’s intention to swear the oath of office on the Koran.
Prager’s comments were mistaken in a number of respects, but it should be noted that CAIR’s support for the friends of Hamas continues, as Joe Kaufman demonstrates this morning in “CAIR’s pro-Hamas press.” To take just one other example of CAIR’s support for terrorism, discussed by Kaufman here, CAIR prominently supported the North American leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad — Sami al-Arian — right up through the time of his guilty plea to terrorism-related charges. CAIR is more fit to be a subject of study by the Holocaust Museum than to comment on the membership of the council that supervises it.

On a related note, Solomonia has alerted us to the Age of Hooper video of the pray-in at Washington National Airport (above). The video is a great piece of reporting and a must-see. Sol has also been on the case of the Boston imams charged with immigration fraud. Please check out his post and consider signing the petition of support for the immigration authorities that Sol has at the linked post.


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