The flying imams: Katherine Kersten reports

Like Debra Burlingame’s column in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, Katherine Kersten’s column in today’s Star Tribune closely observes the facts suggesting that “[t]he incident on Flight 300 wasn’t about prayer.” It is full of facts omitted from the paper’s daily reporting on the incident. Why?
Perhaps the reportage by the Star Tribune on Flight 300 has been deficient inadvertently, allowing others to scoop it repeatedly on a major story in its own back yard. Or, like the incident on Flight 300 itself, perhaps the paper’s reportage has had an ulterior object.
To this day, for example, I don’t think the Star Tribune has reported on the connection between imam ringleader Omar Shahin and the Hamas front group for which he raised money. Nor has the paper reported on the conflict between Shahin’s claim about “six scholars in handcuffs” and his statement to Audrey Hudson last week that they were not handcuffed during their detention.


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