Would-Be Terrorist was Member of Nation of Islam

The Riehl Story reports that Derrick Shareef, who was recently arrested for plotting to attack a shopping mall in suburban Chicago with hand grenades, was a member of the Nation of Islam. I don’t find it surprising that this radical group would spawn terrorists and terrorist sympathizers.
It is worth mentioning, perhaps, that Congressman-elect Keith Ellison is or was a long-time member of the Nation of Islam. In 1998, he ran for the Minnesota legislature as “Keith Ellison-Muhammad,” an open member of the NOI. I wonder whether anyone will ask Ellison to comment on the Nation and whether it encourages terrorism.
Coincidentally, today is the 25th anniversary of the murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner by Mumia Abu-Jamal. Michelle Malkin remembers.
The Nation of Islam strongly supported Mumia, as did Keith Ellison. In 2000, Ellison (who appears to have still been a member of the Nation at the time) gave a speech in which he praised Mumia as well as other cop-killers and attempted cop-killers. I wonder whether anyone will ask Ellison, on the 25th anniversary of Mumia’s celebrated crime, whether he still considers murdering policemen to be as admirable as he evidently did just six short years ago. There may have been a locally or nationally celebrated cop-killer whose cause Ellison did not champion, but it’s hard to think of one.
An odd platform, one would think, on which to run for Congress; but a platform of which most voters were perhaps unaware.
PAUL adds: Michelle Malkin has the list of the 31 members of the House of Representatives (all Democrats) who voted against a resolution protesting the decision by the city of St. Denis to honor Mumia with a street name.
JOHN adds: Yes, and one of them was northern Minnesota’s Jim Oberstar. Most of Oberstar’s constituents have no idea that he is one of the most far-out, extreme-left politicians in America.
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