In a message this morning Mickey Kaus claims to have cracked the Di/Forstmann case, in this Kausfiles post. His post, however, only “finds the dots” and requires readers to “connect them.” The dots that Kaus lays out lead up to the highest levels of the Clinton administration. Kaus asks: “[D]id they have a warrant? … Plus, of course: What did the Clintons know, etc.?…” Kaus’s claim to have cracked the case seems to derive from a “***KEY UPDATE***” I can’t even crack Mickey’s code, let alone his reading of the case.
Byron York is also on the case at NRO: “Did the Clinton administration engage in ‘domestic spying’ against Lady Diana?” Love those declarative sentences! (Courtesy of Instapundit.)
JOHN adds: Kaus points out that Forstmann once talked about running for the open New York Senate seat in 2000. You know, the one that one that was won by…Hillary Clinton. Plus, according to her former butler, Princess Diana fantasized about “moving into the White House as America’s First Lady.” Diana allegedly said that she:

had hoped to marry a New York billionaire and fantasized he would make her the new Jackie Kennedy.
“Imagine, Paul, me coming to England as First Lady on a state visit with the President and staying at Buckingham Palace,” remembered her former butler, Paul Burrell, in a book published this week.
Though Burrell doesn’t name the mogul in his book, “The Way We Were,” his description of a silver-haired bachelor matches Forstmann, who was linked to the Princess in 1994.

I agree with Mickey that, while, absent Diana, Forstmann’s political ambitions would have been a long shot at best, this would explain why the Princess could have been a source of anxiety to the Clinton regime.
SCOTT adds: As John’s comments reflect, it was I who was cracked this morning after poring over YouTube videos to find the appropriate companions to the celebration of Frank Sinatra’s birthday below. Mickey’s hypothetical cracking of the case is relatively clear.
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