Blog of the Week: Flopping Aces

This week’s Blog of the Week Or So is Flopping Aces. Flopping Aces has recently gotten a lot of attention for its leading role in the Associated Press/Police Captain Jamil Hussein story. Curt, the site’s proprietor, says:

Flopping Aces began as a simple blog written by Curt, a street cop in South-Central Los Angeles, who was sick of the liberal bias in our media today. I am a lifelong Reagan Republican and former Marine who doesn’t sit idly by when our media attempts to spin their liberal fantasies.

As always, Flopping Aces will be featured as Blog of the Week on Power Line News, and we will link to notable posts here from time to time as well.
Thanks to outgoing BOTW Gay Patriot, whose tenure stretched the concept of a “week” farther than ever before. Hey, I’ve been busy! We’d also lost track of the fact that Wizbang’s Weblog Awards are now in progress. Vote for Gay Patriot in the Best LGBT Blog category; I believe they are the only conservative site on the list. Flopping Aces is nominated, too, in the Best of the Top 251-500 Blogs category, as are several other BOTWs.


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