Today a symposium, tomorrow a footnote

Yesterday, as Scott noted below, Kofi Annan took a parting shot at the U.S. It seems we have strayed from our founding principles — one which, this corrupt ignoramus seems to believe, is that we should take orders from corrupt foreign ignoramuses.
NRO marks the happy occasion of the end of Annan’s regime with a symposium on his legacy. The contributors are Sen. Norm Coleman, Nile Gardiner and Brett Schaefer of the Heritage Foundation, and author Pedro A. Sanjuan. The brief symposium is worth reading, provided one keeps in mind Sanjuan’s cautionary note: “Kofi Annan is hard to judge without sounding facetious.”
JOHN adds: Kofi Annan is a hard guy to take seriously. Whenever I think of him, I remember the Minneapolis Star Tribune editorial that talked about how, when he was a student at Macalester College in St. Paul–one of the most left-wing campuses in America–he sold hot dogs at Macalester football games. I believe this was during Macalester’s near-record 50-game losing streak. Somehow, that image of Mr. Annan seems appropriate.


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