His struggle

As president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has regularly denied the Holocaust, called for the elimination of Israel and publicly supported Iran’s nuclear weapons program. He has intimated that the program is on track to culminate in March. His repeated attack on Israel’s legitimacy — its right to exist — seems to be the predicate for the physical destruction of Israel and its people.
The city of Jerusalem is apparently not so holy that it is worth preserving if Jews govern it. So long as Israel can be destroyed, so the thinking goes, the Arab and Muslim citizens of Israel are equally expendable, as are the Arab and Muslim people in Israel’s immediate vicinity.
It is striking to me how unseriously Ahmadinejad’s and Iran’s words, actions, plans, pronouncements are taken. Yet Ahmadinehad’s threats are not limited to Israel. He has explicitly threatened Europe and forged an anti-American alliance with Hugh Chavez. Something wicked this way comes.
In today’s New York Observer, Ron Rosenbaum considers the Holocaust Denial Jamboree:

It should be remembered (as I point out in Explaining Hitler) that Hitler himself was the First Holocaust Denier. He sought to keep the Final Solution a secret, believing (alas, mistakenly) that if word got out, he would suffer consequences for it from the aroused conscience of the world. Well, word did get out, and despite the heroic efforts of those like Ben Hecht (the journalist and screenwriter who agitated ceaselessly for action to halt the Final Solution as the mass murder proceeded), the conscience of the world remained largely undisturbed.
Almost all Holocaust deniers follow in Hitler


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