Loven hatin’ Rumsfeld

John has frequently documented the rank partisanship evident in the news coverage of the AP’s Jennifer Loven. See, for example, “A new low for Jennifer Loven” from this past March and “Jennifer Loven, Democratic operative” from September 2004. Yesterday Loven and Robert Burns covered the ceremony held to mark Secretary Rumsfeld’s departure from the Pentagon. I’m betting Loven wrote the lede:

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, the public face of an unpopular war, bid farewell to the Pentagon on Friday in a splashy sendoff featuring lavish praise from President Bush. Rumsfeld defended to the end the mission that led to his ouster.

I’m betting Loven contributed this paragraph as well:

Far from apologizing for the Iraq war that was the undoing of Rumsfeld


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