A Power Line Christmas

I thought I would note the books by friends or readers of Power Line that we have written about over the past year. These excellent books would make fine Christmas of Hanukkah gifts for family and friends.
Noemie Emery, Great Expectations: The Troubled Lives of Political Families. Kathryn Lopez interviewed Noemie about the book here. Noemie examines the political variation of what Freud called “the family romance” among the Adamses, the Roosevelts, the Kennedys, the Gores and the Bushes. This short book is full of entertaining political history of a high order, distilled by reflection and understanding.
Bill Bennett, America: The Last Best Hope. Bill Bennett is obviously not a historian; he is a public intellectual, a man of politics and public affairs. Yet he is an avid reader, a gifted teacher, and an advocate of America


Books to read from Power Line