Plays well with madmen

Time’s year-end issue features an interview with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. In the portions of the interview posted so far, Time simply humors the genocidal maniac and invites him to regurgitate his propaganda. Did Hitler have it this easy? Here is a sample (Time’s questions are in bold, as in the original):

TIME: Why did you write your recent letter to the American people?
AHMADINEJAD: Did you read it? My letter had different aims and goals. Many American citizens, in the messages and letters they sent, requested that I bring up my points of view directly. Many of them said that the government of America doesn’t let them receive my points of view in its entirety and without distortions. So I talked to them directly.
The behavior of the American government has severely damaged the position of the United States in the world. No country in the world looks upon America as a friend. When the U.S. name is mentioned, usually people are reminded of war, aggression and bloodshed, and that’s not a good thing. In other words, the American people are paying for something they don’t believe in.
Was this a public relations exercise to improve your image, or do you really want a dialogue with the United States?
We separate the account of the American people and the American government. With the government of the U.S., the issue is different. I sent a letter to Mr. Bush. I really wanted him to revise his behavior. But apparently it didn’t have any effect.
The Baker-Hamilton commission recommended the U.S. initiate a dialogue with you. If the Bush Administration reached out to Iran, are you ready to talk to President Bush now?
We believe that the decision makers in America should change their outlook. What they are thinking is only their own interests. They do not consider any value for the people of the region. They should believe that the Iraqi people are also human beings. They can run their own affairs by themselves. They have no need for need for a guardian. If the outlook of the of the American management is changed, then ways will be found for solving the problem.
So will you talk to the U.S. or not?
We want to resolve the problem. We do not want to waste time. We do not want a political game. What we want is for the rights of the Iraqi people to be returned to them. If the government of the United States changes its behavior, the conditions will be changed. Then a dialogue could take place.
You’ve just held a conference questioning the Holocaust. Why not hold a peace conference instead? You could invite the Israelis and Palestinians to talk about peace, instead of what happened 60 years ago.
As a matter of fact this conference was in line of peace. Because for the past 60 years, the Palestinian people have been suppressed using the Holocaust as the pretext. If the issue of the Holocaust became clear, the issue would be solved.
When the issue becomes clear, and understood that the Holocaust does not have any relationship with the Palestinian people, then we will have two proposals for the Western and European countries. The first solution is that in the same way that you mounted this regime in the past, you can remove it yourself. You know well that the Holocaust has nothing to do with the Palestinian people. That was just a pretext to create this regime. And it was not a good excuse. Just cease to support it. Don’t use your people’s money to assist this violent regime. This is the best solution. If they do not accept the first solution, then they should allow the nation of Palestine to make their decision about its own fate. Anyone who is a Palestinian citizen, whether they are Christian, Jewish or Muslim, should decide together in a very free referendum. There is no need for war. There is no need for threats or an the atomic bomb either.
Israel isn’t going to accept any of this.
If the American and British government do not support and help them, and they stop using their power and influence they will accept.
Without a war?
Yes. Why not? Everyone knows that the Zionist regime is a tool in the hands of the United States and British governments.

This interview is a complete and utter disgrace. Is there no one with editorial responsibility at Time who realizes it?
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