At the Forum

We posted up a storm yesterday–hey, who says we’re boring guys with nothing to do on a Saturday night?–but today, I’ve been busy with Christmas programs and preparations all day and haven’t had time to keep up on the news. But if you’re looking for some interesting commentary, and especially if you’d like to join in, spend some time browsing the Forum.
In the short time the Forum has been in existence, a little over a month, it has exploded in activity. I am always amazed at the variety of subjects Forum participants are discussing and, in some cases, arguing over. If you want to read more about, or comment on, the subjects we’ve been writing about on Power Line, try the Power Line Forum, where readers are talking about Time’s Person of the Year award, Ahmadinejad’s madness, Governor Bredeson’s Christmas card, and much more. My advice to President Bush on Iraq has drawn more commentary than just about anything since the Forum opened, 144 posts and 7,500 views so far, and the discussion is still going on.
But that’s only the beginning. If you want to read and talk about culture, in all its manifestations, Patsy’s is the place to go. People are talking about their favorite movie lines, my revelation that I hate the Wizard of Oz, and much more. A thread that started with the unearthing of the sarcophagus believed to contain the remains of the Apostle Paul has morphed into an extended theological debate, with 89 posts so far. And some readers are trying to get some sports talk started. Oh yes, there are a couple of caption contests, too.
But we’ve still only scratched the surface. There is a forum devoted to Election 2008, with conversations about candidates on both sides of the aisle, and a plea for reform in evoting.
There are forums on Media Bias and the Global War on Terror, where, among many other subjects, readers are asking Is the United States failing in Iraq?, and Is there a case for NOT profiling?.
There is a forum on Academic Absurdities; did you know about the emerging field of “Fat Studies”?
There is a forum on the Judiciary and one on Illegal Immigration, where you will find a hot debate on the merits of guest worker programs. And then there is Family and Community, where all sorts of social issues are being discussed.
That would be all, except I haven’t mentioned the General Discussion forum, which is the most popular of all. Currently, the “general” conversations include…well, I won’t even try to summarize. Check it out.
There is really no excuse for boredom anymore. The Forum never closes!


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