Out of Africa

James Kirchick is the talented former Yale Daily News columnist now working for Martin Peretz and reporting at large. This past summer after his graduation from Yale he visited Zimbabwe. His two most recent articles draw on his trip. He writes:

I recently had two articles published that I think might be of interest to you and the Power Line readership. The first is an appraisal of Jeane Kirkpatrick’s “Dicatatorships and Double Standards” in regards to Zimbabwe (which I visited in August on a grant from the Yale Daily News), which ran here Thursday in the Baltimore Sun op-ed section.
The second is “Meet Mugabe’s victims,” a feature story in this week’s Weekly Standard about Zimbabwean torture victims. I think the story is all the more relevant considering that Robert Mugabe has defiantly announced that he will keep the just-convicted genocidaire Mengistu as an asylum recipient.

It’s a shame the UN Human Rights Council can’t find the time to investigate conditions in Zimbabwe given the necessity it feels to devoting all its attention to Israel. Kirchick’s excellent reporting proves among other things that the council’s time would better be spent elsewhere — for example, on Zimbabwe — or that the council should be put out of its misery.


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