Losing the Fourth Circuit

I’ve written several times about how bungling by the Bush administration has led to a situation wherein the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals seems poised to drift to the left. Now the Washington Post has noticed.
It’s not the administration’s fault that two of its nominees, Terrence Boyle and Jim Haynes, have been bottled up in the Senate. Lindsey Graham gets the “credit” in the case of Haynes. But it’s the administration’s fault that it placed non-conservatives Allyson Duncan and Roger Gregory on the court, and it’s the administration’s fault that it didn’t promptly nominate a strong replacement for Judge Luttig.
Via Jonathan Adler at NRO’s Bench Memos.
To discuss this post, go here. Let me–John–just say that I disagree with the first couple of posters who view this as evidence of GWB’s “moderate” tendencies. I’m not aware of any President who has more consistently made good judicial nominations than George W. Perfect? No. But very, very good.


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