The You Annus and the Second Great Slumber

In anointing You as its Person of the Year, Time is only twenty-five years behind Tom Wolfe, who anointed the 1970’s the Me Decade. Wolfe found the Me Decade to be the companion of the Third Great Awakening. I find the You Annus to be the companion of the Second Great Slumber (the first being the period preceding December 7, 1941). At NRO, several fine pundits including my friend Steve Hayward reflect on the You Annus in “Time‘s Up.” In an equally judicious piece of punditry, Jeremy Lott reasonably avers that “there is something uniquely demented about this year’s choice.”
No offense, but my man of the year is not You. My man of the year is John Bolton — a model public servant, a stand-up man who deeply understands the nature of the war in which we are engaged.


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