I’m sad to say, he’s on his way

As Scott notes below, Columbia University, in response to rioting associated with the appearance of a speaker with strong anti-illegal immigration views at an event sponsored by its Young Republicans, apparently has adopted new procedures to encumber the hosting of “controversial” speakers on campus . Meanwhile, Joe Malchow reports that Dartmouth has invited calypso singer Harry Belafonte to be the keynote speaker at its Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration.
Belafonte is perhaps second only to Jimmy Carter when it comes to has-beens who love America’s enemies. For example, he is an admirer of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez whose anti-American and anti-Bush rhetoric has been denounced by left-liberal Democrats. And Belafonte routinely compares President Bush to Adolph Hitler and equates American foreign policy with terrorism.
Indeed, as Joe notes, “Mr. Belafonte


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