Hizbollah Financing Rocket Attacks

The Jerusalem Post reports that according to Israeli security agency Shin Bet, Hizbollah is paying terrorist groups in Gaza to violate the cease-fire ostensibly in place between Israel and the terrorists by firing rockets from Gaza:

Hizbullah is paying Palestinian splinter groups “thousands of dollars” for each Kassam rocket fired at the western Negev, The Jerusalem Post has learned.
According to Israeli intelligence information, Hizbullah is smuggling cash into the Gaza Strip and paying “a number of unknown local splinter groups” for each attack.
Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) sources said the Islamist organization paid several thousand dollars for each attack, with the amount dependent on the number of Israelis killed or wounded.

Hizbollah’s cash is funnelled through either Lebanon or Syria, but “[a]ll of the money originated in Iran, the officials said.” So Israel, like the U.S., has grounds for war against Iran, above and beyond that government’s threats of destruction.
The Post reports further on the debate over the rules of engagement that apply to rocket attacks. While the rules have been relaxed somewhat to permit more effective defense against rocket attacks, Olmert’s policy of restraint continues:

According to government officials, Olmert argued at Wednesday’s meeting that the cease-fire had strategic value, and that Israel’s policy of restraint had earned it “a lot of understanding and appreciation” around the world that would provide “leeway” in the future.

We’ll see about that.
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