Who Was the Looniest of Them All?

Each week (or most weeks, anyway) during 2006, we have awarded a Loon of the Week prize on our radio show. Today, as usual, we’ll be on from 11 to 1, central, and we’ll be doing a 2006 retrospective featuring clips from some of our favorite loons. You can listen on the web, here.
Meanwhile, my radio partners from Fraters Libertas are conducting a Loon of the Year contest, with 20 of our weekly winners as nominees. There are still two days left to vote!
By the way, podcasting has been light lately because two weeks ago, the system that records audio went on the blink at the Patiot, and last week, we were off for a “best of” show. Assuming all systems are working, podcasting should resume following today’s show.