Wanted: an honest senior House Dem

As Nancy Pelosi prepares to take the reins of the House of Representatives, she continues to face this problem: many of the “old bulls” in line for key committee and subcommittee leadership positions are corrupt. But facing a problem and facing-up to it are two different things.
Mark Tapscott, in his Examiner editorial, wonders whether Pelosi will face-up to the ethical problems that plauge Rep. John Conyers, as he prepares to assume the chairmanship of the House Judiciary Committee. Conyers has been found by the House Ethics Committee to have asked aides to work on his re-election campaign while on the official payroll instead of going on a campaign staff, as the law requires, and to do personal chores for him. Conyers also improperly had his aides work on the Carol Mosely-Braun presidential campaign and JoAnn Watson


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