The time has come today

This morning I noted Eli Lake’s New York Sun story on the Iranian contribution to the sectarian strife in Iraq; the Iranians appear to support the strife in and of itself. At Faster, Please!, the invaluable Michael Ledeen explains why it’s the most important story about The War, but — why are we not surprised? — that no one has picked it up and run with it. In short, the documents discovered in Baghdad show a degree of Iranian involvement — on both the Sunni and the Shi’ite sides — no one dreamt of. So now what? Ledeen writes that we may want to avoid Iran, but that Iran cannot be avoided:

There is no escape from the war Iran is waging against us, the war that started in 1979 and is intensifying with every passing hour. We will shortly learn more about the documents we found accompanying the high-level Iranian terrorist leader we briefly arrested in Hakim


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