Moonbat of the day

A friendly reader in the Minnesota House of Representatives’ GOP caucus whose identity we are concealing in order to protect the innocent points out this letter to the editor on the execution of Saddam Hussein that ran in yesterday’s Star Tribune. He wonders how the letter missed out being designated by Tim O’Brien as the Star Tribune’s letter of the day. Here it is:

Crime against humanity
Shame on America, shame on the world, for allowing such flawed justice to be carried out in a manner of obvious retribution.
If Saddam Hussein was put to death for the war crimes he had committed, then what are the consequences for the unparalleled tyranny caused by Tony Blair and George W. Bush, creating utter chaos in Iraq through a despicable invasion and consequently the tragic loss of thousands of lives?
We must bow our head in shame for callously letting our hands be tainted with blood through yet another heinous crime against humanity.

One of the many challenges confronting the Star Tribune is the number of moonbats among its its readers. They’re a tough crowd to please.
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