Not just any idiot

Last night, John reported that “some idiot hacked into our server and briefly disrupted the site.” He promised to “make every effort to see that [the hacker] is criminally prosecuted.”
It turns out that this was an inside job and that I was the idiot hacker. I won’t explain how I managed to take down our site, since we’re not interested in copycats. Let’s just say that, as dangerously ignorant as I am when it comes to computers, it’s surprising that I haven’t managed something like this before.
Meanwhile, I’m hoping to work out a plea bargain.
JOHN adds: Don’t worry, we’ll let you off easy. Actually, as I understand what happened, it was a one-click error that could happen to anyone. I would consider it a hole in the MT software.
Literary analogies come to mind. In Footprints Under the Window,, the first Hardy Boys book I ever read, the footprints are revealed, on the last page, to be those of Fenton Hardy, the boys’ father. In Agatha Christie’s The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, one of the most famous murder mysteries ever, the murder turns out to have been committed [don’t finish the sentence if you haven’t read the book] by the author of the first-person narrative. My ten-year-old daughter adds The Bald Bandit by Ron Roy, in which a “detective” searching for a man who stole money from a bank turns out to be the thief. I’m sure there are many other examples.


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