Middle Easterners Arrested In Miami

Two Iraqi nationals and a Lebanese national were arrested at the Port of Miami this morning after they tried to bring a semi truck into the port. Apparently the truck’s cargo did not match the manifest, and two of the men were hiding inside the truck. Information is still very sketchy, but the possibilities are obvious. Stay tuned.
UPDATE (by Paul): A Miami police department spokesperson has just said that an examination of the truck’s contents shows that they do match the manifest. The contents are said to consist of automotive parts.
The port security system seems to have worked well. Law enforcement officials detected suspicious and potentially dangerous circumstances at the port and acted quickly to determine whether there was any danger.
The three men are still being held. That seems reasonable too, since the driver apparently lied about who was in his truck. Two of the men including the driver (age 20) are Iraqi nationals and the other is from Lebanon. All three are in the U.S. lawfully, according to the police.


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