His back pages

Today’s Washington Times Inside the Beltway column carries an important word from Bill Bennett:

As far as William Bennett is concerned, ongoing revelations and circumstances surrounding classified-document heists from the National Archives by former National Security Adviser Samuel R. Berger have gotten neither the attention nor the scrutiny they deserve.
To help right that wrong, Mr. Bennett, a former Republican Cabinet member-turned-radio talk-show host, is sponsoring a unique contest. Through his popular radio show, “Bill Bennett’s Morning in America,” he is offering $1,000 to the person who writes the most creative “Sandy Berger” lyrics to the tune of a popular song. (think “Bette Davis Eyes” as “Sandy Berger Lies,” but there are infinite possibilities.)
Wannabe songwriters and contestants should go to www.bennettmornings.com for more information. Deadline for submissions is Friday, with the winner announced on Jan. 19. And yes, Inside the Beltway will publish the winning lyrics in their entirety.

I wonder if Bruce Springsteen’s “Fourth of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)” might not be the ticket. Or Bob Dylan’s “My Back Pages.” Those in need of inspiration may want to consult Joel Mowbray’s excellent Washington Times column of this past Tuesday: “Classified info.” (Thanks to Seth Lipsky and the New York Sun for the editorial assistance.)


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