Mitt Romney kicks off

Mitt Romney’s call-a-thon, “National Call Day,” is underway. It’s the campaign’s first big fundraising event, and involves approximately 400 fundraisers from across the country. I’m told that the Romney people hope they will be able to announce impressive results later today.
Meanwhile, David Frum explains why he thinks Romney has a fighting chance, notwithstanding the presence of heavyweights John McCain and Rudy Giuliani. To Frum, it’s about Romney’s record of competence and problem-solving, based on “a voracious appetite for data, a willingness to hear contrary opinions and a cool and deliberate decision-making style.”
I agree that these traits, as much as his status as a more conservative candidate than McCain and Giuliani, represent a source of potential appeal. Indeed, they were the traits that initially made me take a serious look at Romney.
UPDATE: The Romney campaign’s “National Call Day” brought in more than $6.5 million.
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