Something to remember

William James Haynes, William Myers, and Terrence Boyle reportedly have told the White House they do not wish to be renominated to the federal judiciary. Another nominee, Michael Wallace, recently withdrew. These individuals are probably victims of the gang of 14 deal. Haynes is also the victim of Sen. Lindsey Graham because even with the deal (to which Graham was a party), Haynes probably would have been confirmed if Graham had not stood in the way.
If the administration is unable to nominate and confirm non-activist, non-liberal judges in place of Haynes and Boyle (something that will be much more difficult to do now that Dems control the Senate), the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals stands a good chance of falling under the control of activist liberal judges before long. To prevent the Dems from achieving that result through their obstructionist tactics of the past six years, Republicans should engage in the same tactics for any and all liberals a Democratic president might nominate to the Fourth Circuit.
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