When You’re Writing Those Lyrics…

…about Sandy Berger, for the Bill Bennett contest that Scott has posted on here and elsewhere, keep in mind that, as Hugh Hewitt says, the Berger scandal is “far worse than we had been led to believe”:

The release of the Berger Report by the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform changes that understanding, and makes the decision by the Department of Justice to give Berger the slightest of wrist taps inexplicable.
The report’s executive summary is all you need to read. Key excerpt:

The full extent of Berger’s document removal, however, is not known, and never can be known. The Justice Department cannot be sure that berger did not remove original documents for which there were no copies or inventory. On three of Berger’s four visits to the Archives, he had access to such documents.

That answers the most important question about the Berger affair that has been cloudy until now. It makes sense, of course. Berger is not a buffoon, and he didn’t stuff documents into his socks, smuggle them out into a construction zone and put them under a trailer, then pick them up, take them home and cut them into tiny pieces, unless he had good reason to think that he was destroying, forever, information that would be damaging to his boss: Bill Clinton.


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