The bureaucratic war on the Bush administration

In today’s New York Sun Josh Gerstein reports on the government’s reponse to his Freedom of Information Act request regarding the Justice Department’s leak investigations: “Leak probes stymied, FBI memos show.” The story is mystifying. As I read it I wondered why no grand jury has been convened and evidence gathered the old-fashioned way. Then Joe diGenova is quoted expressing the same mystification at the conclusion of the article:

A former prosecutor who has accused career CIA officials of waging a leak campaign to undermine President Bush, Joseph diGenova, said yesterday that he suspected the resistance to the investigations was part of that effort. He also questioned why the leak cases were dropped.
“Stopping a leak investigation, assuming it’s a serious leak, just because the victim agency won’t cooperate is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard in my life,” Mr. diGenova said. “A grand jury subpoena should issue


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