The Rest of the Story?

This is one of those news stories that leave you wondering about the rest of the story:

Members of a close-harmony group from Yale University are recovering after being ambushed and beaten up while on tour in California.
Members of the a cappella Baker’s Dozen were performing at a party in San Francisco at the new year when their rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” apparently sparked taunts and threats from fellow partygoers.
As the group left the house, they were attacked by dozens of assailants, suffering scrapes, black eyes and concussions, said Connecticut’s News Channel 8.

Now, I’ve heard some pretty rotten versions of the “Star-Spangled Banner,” but none that have actually incited violence! One wonders whether the group seemed to be mocking the Anthem and thereby annoyed patriotic listeners, or whether–this took place in San Francisco, after all–they sang the Anthem straight to an anti-U.S. audience. Or maybe they were just off-key. One way or another, there must be an interesting story lurking here, if only we knew what it is.
UPDATE: It turns out that the Star Spangled Banner had little or nothing to do with it. As Gay Patriot notes, it looks like a more conventional sort of hate crime.


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