The Democratic gods must be crazy

The powers-that-be in the House have named Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison to the Judiciary Committee. Any number of items from Rep. Ellison’s past ought to have served to disqualify him from being named to the committee. His cavalier approach to compliance with the law — whether it be federal tax law, or Minnesota campaign finance law, or Minneapolis parking ordinances flouted so frequently that his driver’s license has been suspended more times than he can recall — ought to have ruled him out. His past support for and/or friendship with such murderers, cop-killers and cop killer wannabes as Kathleen Soliah/Sara Jane Olson, Assata Shakur and Sharif Willis ought to have been a dealbreaker all by itself. But Ellison’s interest in rolling back the laws that have proved crucial for the American government and the citizens of the United States in providing for the common defense in the war being waged against us was apparently sufficient to override the countervailing considerations.
JOHN adds: There are two Keith Ellisons. The first is the actual, historical Keith Ellison, with his long attachment to the Nation of Islam, his consistent support for those who kill or try to kill policemen, his association with violent gangs, and his deep contempt for the law in its various manifestations. But that Keith Ellison–the “real” Ellison, one would have said in simpler times–has faded to near non-existence, replaced by a second, media-created Ellison. This Keith Ellison, created in service of a value our media prize more highly than accuracy, is a paragon of “tolerance,” a paradigm of moderate Islam, the man who has magically squared the circle by his simultaneous devotion to the Koran and to the social principles of the most liberal wing of the Democratic Party, but one whose specific views must not be inquired into. It has been an interesting experience, watching the second “Keith Ellison” replace the first, before our eyes, so to speak.
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