Great Expectations

Lots of writers publish insights that I didn’t have. Noemie Emery is one of the few writers who publishes insights that I couldn’t have had. Many such insights are contained in her new book, Great Expectations: The Troubled Lives Of Political Families.
Great Expecations, in honor of which The Weekly Standard threw a party tonight, tells the story of five political dynastic families — the Adamses, the Roosevelts, the Kennedys, the Bushes, and the Gores. As Carolyn See writes in her book review for the Washington Post, Noemie shows “compassionately and insightfully” the “emotional casualties that arise from voracious expectations of driven parents with enormous political ambitions.” You can find Kathryn Lopez’s interview with Noemie about the book here.
Our book guy, Scott, has already recommended Great Expectations, but let me add my endorsement.


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