Chronicles of Mahatma Jimmy

In the course of an extraordinarily productive day yesterday, the new York Sun’s Daniel Freedman advanced the story of Jimmy Carter’s 1987 support for the return of a deported SS concentration camp guard, discussed by former Justice Department attorney Neal Sher in a detailed column last month. Yesterday morning Dan noted the Arutz Sheva story based on an interview with Sher. I cautioned Dan against relyling on Sher’s word alone and urged him to obtain and provide the ocular proof.
Then Dan obtained and provided what appears to be the ocular proof. He obtained and posted a copy of the letter with the handwritten note apparently added by Carter here. Finally, he wrote today’s Sun story: “President Carter interceded on behalf of former Nazi guard.”
The Carter Center did not respond to Dan’s call for comment yesterday. Assuming the note is in fact Carter’s, I think that it represents something significant beyond Carter’s professed humanitarian motives. Recall Carter’s unceasing respect and regard for Yasser Arafat. Put it in the context of Carter’s hostility to Israel on display in Carter’s current book.
Carter seems to me to have something in common with Mahatma Gandhi, an admirer of Hitler who offered Carter-like advice to the Jews of Germany, complete with a South African twist:

Having rejected both the plea that Palestine should be offered as a place of refuge for the Jews and the idea that the Western democracies should launch a war to overthrow Hitler, Gandhi offered only one avenue for the Jews to resist their persecution while preserving their


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