And the winner is….

In Bill Bennett’s Morning in America “Sandy Berger Lies” song parody contest, the judges have selected a winner from the more than 1,000 deserving entries (not counting Mark Steyn’s three, in a category by themselves). Bill’s contest was a stroke of genius, unleashing an outpouring of creativity, of humor stoked by anger. I was honored to be tapped to serve as a judge — I’ve always wanted to be a judge. And the winner is by Ron Allen:

Sandy Berger Can
(to the tune of “Secret Agent Man”)
Bill and Hillary lookin’ for a legacy
But the national archives held a vast conspiracy
They thought about a plan
Asking who would be their man
Who can we now trust to crack this quandary?
Sandy Berger can
Sandy Berger can
He can stuff that troubling history into his socks and pants
Now Bill and Hillary met with Sandy Berger.
They talked about the plan…now it


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