Blog of the Week: Jules Crittenden

This week’s Blog of the Week or So is Jules Crittenden’s Forward Movement. Jules, who is a columnist for the Boston Herald, described himself for us not long ago:

The family’s Australian and my brothers and I were raised in Sumatra, Australia, the U.S., East Pakistan and Thailand, while the old man was building power plants. I’ve spent most of my career as a newspaperman in New England, but have been dispatched periodically on short gigs, a few weeks to a few months, to Kashmir, Kosovo, Armenia, Israel and finally Kuwait and Iraq. In Iraq, I was embedded with A Co., 4/64 Armor, 2nd Bge, 3rd ID. Among other actions, it was this tank company’s honor to lead the assault on the palaces in downtown Baghdad on April 7, 2003.
Some of the great inspirations for what I write are the men I know who have put themselves forward on our behalf, as well as men like John Eade and Larry Gwin who served at the Ia Drang; A Co. CO Philip Wolford and Platoon Sgt. Jonathan Lustig in Iraq; and some of the badly wounded GIs I’ve met since the invasion, USMC Lcpls James Crosby and Matt Boisvert, Army Sgt James Lathan. They are the ones who teach us about discipline, determination and sacrifice, how one should live one’s life and face the circumstances life presents.
I am now an editor and probably not going anywhere. Although you never know. I never thought I was going to any of those places. Meanwhile, the columns give me a chance to express some of my thoughts in these difficult times, and speak out as another counter balance to the prevailing message of the American media.

Jules is a newcomer as a blogger, but has made a big splash already. He talks about his enjoyment of the medium in a post this morning, Brave New World.
As always, Forward Movement will be featured with an RSS feed on Power Line News, and we will also link here from time to time.
Thanks to outgoing BOTW Flopping Aces, whose tenure once again stretched the concept of a “week” pretty much beyond recognition.


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