Plot to Attack U.S. Revealed

ABC reports that documents captured in Iraq six months ago reveal that al Qaeda in Iraq was plotting an attack inside the U.S.
Despite the hype surrounding this report, however, details are sketchy. It looks as though this was part of the fallout from the killing of Zarqawi. It was reported at the time that valuable documents were recovered, mostly on a flash drive that, as I recall, Zarqawi kept on his person, and that as a result a large number of raids were carried out. This appears to be in that category–a raid on a “safe house” where documents were discovered indicating that AQI was scheming to recruit and train terrorists to enter the U.S. on student visas and carry out one or many attacks. From there on, everything gets hazy. It isn’t clear whether the occupants of the house were apprehended, nor is it clear whether the individuals who were to come to America were ever identified. Officials say the plan was uncovered “in its early stages.”
This isn’t really much of a news flash; it’s hardly surprising that al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq, like those elsewhere, will try to strike in the U.S. if they can.


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