Commentary’s contentions

Commentary magazine has rolled out its new blog Contentions. It’s not fair that Contentions gets to draw on Commentary’s outstanding contributors such as David Gelernter, Joshua Muravchik, Terry Teachout, Hillel Halkin, and Michael Lewis. But it does mean that you’ll want to make it a regular stop on your Internet itinerary.
Sam Munson is Commentary’s online editor. Sam explains what Commentary is up to with Contentions:

Contentions serves as our magazine’s daily voice, bringing a powerful roster of Commentary regulars and bold new talent into the digital fray, addressing the critical questions of our time in fresh ways, dedicated to reaching an ever-wider audience — without sacrificing any of the analytical seriousness and acuity that have made Commentary America’s leading magazine of opinion. Welcome to a new and vital intellectual presence on the web. Welcome to Contentions.

Contentions, as I recall, was the monthly newsletter produced by Midge Decter and the Committee for the Free World, the organization that closed its doors after completing its mission with the fall of the Berlin Wall. It is thus a name with a venerable link to Commentary and a track record that sets a high bar for the blog. We welcome the new Contentions and invite you to check it out.


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